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LA Times – Rejuvenate your refreshment routine with these two new beverages (and one smoothie)

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We’re all a bit out of the loop these days. Social distancing plus limited shopping opportunities means new products we might love risk flying under our radars.

We’re also stuck in a loop, with many of us hunkered down in the at-home quarantine routine much of the time.

It’s enough to make you feel loopy.

We’re here to help with all of the above. We’ve got the scoop on three fresh new items to keep your mornings, middays and evenings nutritious, delicious, satisfying and interesting.

Sweet Nothings

The alarm’s gone off and you’re out of bed. You’re standing in the kitchen, where you’re about to make that ever-important decision of what to eat for your first meal.

Make the choice easier with a little something called Sweet Nothings, an organic, plant-based “spoonable smoothie” packaged in pragmatically portioned 3.5-ounce cups and stored in the freezer. Pop the lid, peel the spoon off the underside, and dig in to this creamy-soft superfood creation for a wholesome, hearty and convenient grab-’n’-go snack made just for health-conscious smoothie-lovers who maybe aren’t so in love with the hassle and mess of DIY smoothie-making.

Sweet Nothings come in five flavors: strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate, blueberry beet and coffee. Whichever you choose, the fundamental ingredients of each of these delicious little guys remains the same: bananas, cashews, chia seeds, flax seeds and dates.

This simple-yet-delicious combination means every Sweet Nothing gives you quite a lot: You get protein, fiber and energy-boosting good stuff your body loves, all without the dairy, sugar, refined carbohydrates and artificial ingredients. There’s no filler to be found — just fruits, nuts and seeds — which means they’re vegan-safe, gluten-free and even paleo-friendly (so long as you skip the peanut butter).

In short, these spoonable smoothies are perfect not just for breakfast but for anytime you’ve got a grumbling tummy and a bit of a sweet tooth.

Artizn Tonic

You’ve breezed through the morning and now you’re itching for lunch and the refreshment of a midday soft drink or sparkling water.

We say skip the empty calories of cola, the tongue-zap of diet and the flavorlessness of the sparkly stuff. Instead, make a bottle of artizn Handcrafted Vinegar Tonic your go-to.

At the heart of this nutritious, prebiotic-rich, antioxidant-packed beverage are two naturally fermented, three-year-aged Korean vinegars — fig and plum — whose recipes have been passed down for 35 generations. Other than their namesake ingredients, these ancient vinegars are made up of mineral water, rice, wheat, ginkgo, pine needles, and 20 different medicinal herbs, all locally sourced from the mountains of South Korea.

These vinegars are renowned for being excellent digestion aids and for instilling a sense of wellbeing in those who imbibe them. They are the botanical building blocks for each handcrafted artizn tonic flavor: Fig Pear Lavender (similar to homemade iced tea, with notes of smooth fig, crisp pear and tart lavender), Pomegranate Ginger Hibiscus (a vibrant pomegranate beverage with invigorating ginger notes, plus a floral hibiscus finish), and Plum Yuzu (a bright and zesty citrus drink, with overtones of plum).

Sipping on a delightful artizn tonic while you munch your lunch is a refreshing and healthful way to get all the kick you need out of a daytime drink with none of the dreary downsides. You’ll probably never go back to the traditional canned carbonates again.

Besa mi Vino

Speaking of cans: You’ve made it to the end of the day, which means it’s time to reward yourself with a can of wine!

Yep, you read that right: a can of wine … a can of vegan organic wine.

Besa mi Vino is this brave new product. It’s free of pesticides, preservatives, food dyes and other additives sometimes found in non-organic vino, and it’s also gluten-free and low in sulfites. It’s refined with bentonite clay rather than animal-derived casein or gelatin, both common in more traditional winemaking. It’s in a can because aluminum is a relatively low-carbon-footprint material that’s lightweight and recycle-friendly, plus it handily blocks out all wine-spoiling light.

Yes, Besa mi Vino might be one of the most socially responsible ways to score a buzz. But how does it taste? As you might expect, it’s light, crisp and refreshing. Besa mi Vino offers two varietals: Just White Right is a smooth blend between dry and sweet, and All Day Rosé is bright and aromatic.

Being canned, this end-of-day delight is imminently portable. So, if you’ve been stuck on video conferences all day and you need to break out of the house, you can bring your mobile-friendly wine on a late afternoon stroll and pop the top to enjoy in the wild.