Live your Besa Life


besa mi vino, just right white
While I love them, if I have to drink another hard seltzer I am going to scream. While seemingly low in calories, you have to consume a fair amount in order to fully enjoy them. Not only do the calories add up quickly, but so does the waste. In terms of a drink for the beach or campsite, they’re just not sustainable nor practical. Since I hit my lime-essenced limit, I’ve been searching for my ideal drink: something low in sugar, high in alcohol content and made sustainably. I wanted a drink that was not only better for me, but better for the Earth as well.

I found it: Besa Mi Vino

A certified organic wine that’s gluten-free and low in sulfites, Besa Mi Vino is sustainably made and locally-sourced. Unlike other canned wine, Besa Mi Vino has less than one gram of sugar and is completely vegan.

I’ve had my fair share of canned wine in my day, but never has it tasted this good. Thoroughly enjoyable, Besa Mi Vino hits the spot and helps you to relax and enjoy the day, providing a mellow, happy buzz that’s slightly bubbly – just like the drink itself.

Great taste and green production practices aside, Besa Mi Vino is the perfect summertime beverage because of the high alcohol content. At 12.5%, one can is equal to about 1.5 glasses of wine.

You read that right. ONE can provides the same effect as drinking one and a half glasses of wine. It’s safe to say this will change your packing game forever! Bulky coolers filled with 12-packs? Why go through the trouble of lugging that around when you can pick up a breezy six pack of Besa that’ll do more for you than that 12 pack ever could? Less to carry, less bathroom breaks, less trash – this refreshing new drink will have you living your Besa Life in no time.

In terms for a drink for today, this is it. Environmentally-conscious and organic, Besa Mi Vino vegan canned wine is ready to go wherever life takes you. Easy to transport and even easier to drink, this’ll make your summer one of the best.

I’m looking forward to many more beach days with a Besa by my side and a smile on my face.

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