Our Promises

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Harvest organically grown grapes

Contrary to what many people think, wine is made of much more than just grapes. Non-Organic wines can contain up to 70 added chemicals & additives! – including pesticides, preservatives, food dyes, and sometimes added sugar.

Besa avoids Non-Organic chemicals like herbicides, fungicides in the vineyards & additives like sugar, preservatives and food dye in the wine making process.

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vivaciously vegan

Typically, wine makers refine their wine with Gelatin (animal proteins), Isinglass (from the swim bladder of fish), casein (milk protein), eggs, etc….

We’d rather leave the animals out of our wine. That’s why we use refining agents like bentonite to naturally refine the good stuff.

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Develop perfectly portioned packaging

Cans have a smaller carbon footprint than most materials. They’re lighter, more efficient to carry, use less cardboard to transport & block the harmful sunlight from hurting the drink. Cans are much more recycle friendly as well; typically made up of 70% recycled material, while glass is around only 20%

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Gleefully Gluten free

Those with wheat or gluten intolerance, Celiac reactions or who enjoy the benefits of a gluten free lifestyle can take comfort in knowing our ingredients are gluten free. Besa doesn’t use additives like hydrolyzed wheat gluten isolate or flour paste during the aging process.

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Low in sulfites

We use the lowest level of sulfites possible to prevent spoilage and bacterial contamination. Our wine sulfite level is certified to have less than 100 parts per million (ppm) vs. the limit of 350 ppm in conventional wines.

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sweet & sensitive with no added Sugar

When you do things the right way there shouldn’t be any reason to add any of the sweet stuff. 

Grown in the right conditions and environment, harvested at peak sweetness and treated right in the aging process; that’s all it takes to make an award winning wine. 

Who we Are


Made by those on a mission to live each moment to the fullest, everyday. Forget the fuss of lifestyle. We want to focus on a state of mind: Live in the moment. 

We believe grape should always be sustainably grown, the wine fermented without unnecessary additives and packaging that makes sense for the consumer as well as the environment. That’s why we’re obsessed with growing only organic grapes with no added animal byproducts during refinement and delivering it to you in a perfectly portioned package.