About Besa mi Vino: Crafting a Wine Revolution

Welcome to Besa mi Vino, where the ordinary aluminum can meets extraordinary wine; where sustainability, portability, and practicality meets delicious and refreshing. We’re not just your average wine company; we’re a movement, a statement, and a commitment to delivering premium, better-for-you wine whose process and products are better for you and the planet. 

Our Mission

To create better, more elevated social experiences with our products - to inspire people to get together and truly live in the moment; to imbibe without giving up their healthy or adventurous lifestyle.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the beverage and hospitality space with our beverages, games, and events.

Our Values

Integrity, Transparency, Efficiency, and Community

And this is our story…

Transparency is a core value, and we’re down to keeping it real. That’s why we’re sharing the bullsh** free version of our startup story. 

First off, we know what you’re thinking – why wine in a can?

Wine in a can isn’t new, but it’s important to review the history of this category in order to tell you where we fit in and why.  When canned wine become popular in the last decade, the quality was, to put it bluntly, sh**. But times are evolving, and a fresh subcategory of canned wine is coming to the forefront—one that’s characterized by its premium quality, cleanliness, and the innovative touch of brands like ours. However, these pioneers are met with a unique challenge: the skepticism of wine enthusiasts who, at one point, had their enthusiasm tainted by subpar options. Fortunately, we’re here to set things right.

Meet Besa mi Vino (“Besa”): We’re proud to be part of this new wave of premium canned wine. Our blends, specially crafted for the can, feature only the finest organic, sustainably grown California grapes. Our product speaks for itself, but it’s had a tough time finding its place on the big-name shelves in the past year.

Besa's Unique Strategy

How are we overcoming these challenges? We believe in building a community, starting right here in Los Angeles. We’ve created our own social drinking game, “Spin the Besa,” and curated unique events that focus on building relationships while having a good, honest time. Since our brand’s re-launch in February, our CEO, Tori, and her small team of talented young women (most of them recent UCLA graduates) have achieved incredible milestones.

+1 Million Shares

Over 1 million shares and impressions of "Spin the Besa" across Instagram and TikTok.

+2,000 People

We grew our monthly "Wine Wed" event at the Victorian from 50 people to 2,000 in just three months.

Barbie Party Event

We hosted the Barbie party of the summer, celebrating LA-based women leaders in a fabulous Barbie fashion show.

Spin the Besa!

We're excited to announce the upcoming commercial version of "Spin the Besa" coming in Q4 2023 on Amazon and drinkbesa.com!

Our Background

friends drinking besa mi vino

In 2019… Brothers Michael and Roddy Radnia from Los Angeles, CA created Besa mi Vino—a sustainable, organic, “clean conscience” wine brand for the millennial market. Their goal was to craft a wine experience that also supported a sustainable future. 

In September 2022, Besa raised a private seed funding round led by an 8-time Grammy-nominated female rockstar who is a fan of the product. This investor is a silent partner but fully supports the brand’s direction and growth trajectory. With this change, the Radnia brothers hired Tori Brodsky as their new CEO and Co-founder to lead the re-launch of the brand.

Meet Tori Brodsky, CEO Besa mi Vino

Tori Brodsky, CEO of Drink Besa, producers of Besa Mi Vino

Tori, our dynamic CEO, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. From starting a babysitting service at age 11 to a successful startup-consulting career, she’s now the driving force behind Besa mi Vino. Tori holds a Nutrition Science degree from UC Berkeley and recently completed her MBA at UCLA Anderson. Throughout her career, and especially in her current role, Tori advocates for leadership, particularly female leadership, and leads an all-female team of UCLA students and alumni.

Our Beliefs

Exceptional wine should be for everyone. We believe that an exceptional wine experience shouldn’t be gate-kept by confusing labels, pricing, or exclusive wine culture know-how. Our mission is to bring the experience of “good” wine down to earth through relatable and inspiring marketing, branding, and non-traditional, sustainable packaging.

How We Do It

We offer an exceptional wine experience by canning only organic, vegan, low-sulfite wine with zero added sugars, chemicals, or animal by-products.

  • Our wines are in convenient, recyclable aluminum packaging that’s perfect for dancing, playing, and adventuring—unlike traditional bottled wine.
  • Our messaging and branding inspire letting loose and feeling sexy without guilt or inhibition.
  • Our wines are proudly made from organic winemakers in Sunny Paso Robles, California.

Besa is Better for You and the Planet

  • Gluten-free.
  • Low in sulfites.
  • Digitally printed 100% recyclable cans.
  • Packaged with recycled materials.

Thank you for joining us on our journey—a journey that combines exceptional wine with sustainability, wellness, and a good time. Cheers to Besa mi Vino—crafted for you and the planet.