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SF Weekly – Kiss This! Great-tasting Wine You Can Feel Good About Drinking

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Plenty of people have poured on the virtues of living your best life. Now it’s time to listen to you and live your Besa life.

Besa Mi Vino – or Kiss My Wine – launched here in California two years ago from Santa Monica brothers Michael and Roddy Radnia, keen to bring great wine to those who don’t necessarily want to wade through the traditional jargon.

“We’re not huge wine connoisseurs, so you go into a wine store and it can be intimidating,” Michael says.

But what if wine could be not only accessible, but honest and transparent – great-tasting and crafted with an eye to sustainability?

“I’d pick up a bottle and look at the back but not know what a ‘varietal’ was. In reality, it’s the taste that matters.”

Next came a look at the many additives that are often part of the wine-making process – chemicals and even animal by-products used to clarify, refine or preserve the wine, often unknown by the average consumer.

“We thought, is there a better-for-you alternative?” Michael asks.

Enjoy more of what you want, none of what you don’t

All that research culminated in Besa Mi Vino’s award-winning Sexy and Bright White and Go All Day Rosé – wines crafted with sustainably grown, certified organic grapes. Low in sulphites and sugar, both wines are also filtered using vegan-based clay and the entire process is powered by solar energy, for a final beverage that’s not only the perfect summer sip, but certified sustainable, Michael notes.

“We’re one of the first canned wines to provide wine in a better-for-you and really responsible way.”

(And, OK, they also wanted to have a little fun sharing great wine with family and new friends!)

With no cumbersome bottles to lug around – and no corkscrew to forget – take your Besa Mi Vino anywhere you want to go, in single-serving tins.

Not only do the cans make economic sense, they prevent sunlight from impacting the wine and ensure a great-tasting product unaffected by the aluminum. “Ten or 15 years ago, the technology wasn’t there to do this, but today, we have a lining that separates the wine from the aluminum,” Michael explains.

Kiss Your Wine today!

With more consumers discovering the feel-good convenience and delicious taste Besa Mi Vino offers, the wines are now in more than 200 grocers and restaurants throughout California. And starting later this month in Northern California, you’ll also find them at your local Safeway.

Through the disruptions of COVID-19, much of the business was taken online “and our sales have never been higher,” Michael says. (Better yet, if you join the Besa wine club, you’ll even get free shipping!)

In recognition, and complementing the company’s sustainable approach, Besa Mi Vino has continued to donate washable face masks to local grocery staff. “They’ve all been working so hard, we just wanted to support their efforts,” Michael says.

“We want our product to be a constant reminder to friends and family to live happily together – living their Besa life.”


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