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The Benefits of Clean and Natural wine

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Wine comes in many forms. Red, white, rosé, dessert, sparkling; fruity, herbal, dry, sweet; etc. When we describe them, however, we usually describe them based on our experience with them. How does it taste, smell, look, and feel? Our assessment is almost always relegated to the gustatory experience.

We tend to overlook the actual wine itself – how is it being produced, what is the source of the wine, and what sets the wine apart from other wines when it comes to dietary implications for the consumer? We love to shop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods when it comes to stocking up on high quality, organic, clean vegan food. Have you thought about going organic, vegan and clean when it comes to your intake of wine?


Four reasons to go clean

Today, we are going to give you four solid reasons as to why you need to make the switch to clean, natural wine.

  1. Clean wine means grapes, not pesticides. This means it must be organic.
    Most of us assume that the wine we are drinking is just coming from grapes – it’s not. Unless it’s certified organic, there will be salts, sugars and acids added to control and direct the fermentation. Keep you wine clean by keeping it organic
  2. Clean wine means it must be vegan
    Vegan and organic wine is usually grown in a natural state. Not only are preservatives and chemicals not added – the flavors are going to be more vibrant and rich. We also love the additional health benefits veganism promotes!
  3. Clean wine means it must be gluten free
    Most wines are already pretty low on gluten, but look for wines which make it a point to highlight this fact.
  4. Clean wine means it must be low on sulfites
    Keeping the additives to a low including the dosage of sulfites added into the winemaking process.


However, the problem with clean wine is that it’s hard to get.

Go clean with Besa

Besa Vino launched in 2019 – not only is it canned (you can take it when wherever you go), it’s also organic, vegan, gluten free and low on sulfites. Check it out at